Multi-purpose gi

Jiu Jitsu, Karate, Judo, Aikido


Performance gi

Breathable, comfortable, durable


Made from Fortitude®

Doesn't shrink, stink, fade, or tear

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Gimono Performance Fightwear – Martial Arts Uniforms That Perform!

Breathable, comfortable, durable martial arts gi that don't shrink, stink, fade or tear!

Product reviews

"Wow ... It breathes. It doesn't get wet and soggy. It's light. It's temperature constant. It doesn't stick to the body restricting movement. Wish I had it years ago."

– Dave, Sakura-kan jiu jitsu

"As the training went on I noted that with all the sweating my gi still felt light and dry and I even felt like I had more energy/stamina because of it, and by the end of the training session I was more than happy with my purchase!"

– Brent, karate

"I can't really say anything bad about the gi. I have been trying to fault it, but can't. I love it."

– Geoff, ninjutsu

"The Gimono Gi is freaken Amazing! In training I can move a lot more freely than my cotton Gi and I feel so much lighter. Also after a sweaty grappling session, the sweat didn't stick to the Gi like my cotton Gi does. Thanks Gimono! 

– Barrie, BJJ Blue Belt