Gimono styling

We currently make four styles of gi: grappling, jiu jitsu, judo, and karate. 

Our grappling gi is identical in cut to the judo gi, but it has a shorter ¾ length sleeve. If you like a shorter sleeve, this is the gi for you.

Our jiu jitsu gi is styled on a traditional BJJ gi. It is narrower through the torso than our judo gi, has a shorter skirt, and a slightly tapered full length sleeve. It's also single layer, and has a center seam down the back which is designed in such a way that it can't be felt or grabbed when doing ground work. This style is being worn mainly by those training in BJJ and other styles of jiu jitsu. It has also been purchased by taller judoka looking for a more slim-line jacket cut.

Our judo gi is loose-fit through the torso, has a regulation length sleeve and crossover, and our signature v-shaped reinforcement across the back, shoulders and chest. This style seems to be preferred by stockier judoka, and those training in Japanese jiu jitsu and aikido. 

Our karate gi is based on a traditional style karate gi. It's shorter in the skirt than our judo gi, but is single layer, and comes with waist ties. This style is preferred by those training in karate, American kempo, and (Bujinkan) ninjutsu.

If you need assistance in making your selections, contact us and we'll be only too happy to help. 

About the fit and feel

Gimono gi are designed to fit all body types. We let customers mix and match styles and sizes to get the perfect fit. 

If you're used to a traditional cotton gi, a Gimono gi will feel quite different to begin with. This is because Fortitude®, the fabric we make our uniforms from, wears differently to cotton, rip stop, or any of the other materials used by alternative brands.

For most of our customers, there's no going back once they convert to Gimono. Your Gimono gi will feel lighter, it won't be as bulky or stiff, and it will drape more comfortably around your chest and shoulders, providing greater freedom of movement.