From wool to wear

Engineering Insight | New Zealand | February 2011

"About five years ago we approached AgResearch to assist us with the development of a fit-for-purpose textile for high-performance martial arts apparel." 

"We knew what functional and aesthetic characteristics we wanted, although we didn't have preconceived ideas of how to achieve that. We had already done a great deal of market research into industrial and other fabrics but hadn't found anything that fully met our specification so we decided to create our own. But we are not scientists or textile specialists - so we commissioned AgResearch to provide contract research and development (R&D) to develop the textile we wanted."

"Had our frame of reference matched that of the scientists however, we may not have achieved the same outcome. In my view, New Zealanders are generally very good at the ideas part of technology, but where we often don't do so well is turning those ideas into commercially viable outcomes. The best solutions happen when you combine a good understanding of the problem you're trying to solve with good science or engineering."

Lavinia Calvert, co-founder Gimono and Fortitude.

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