World-first fabric follows world-class experience

AgResearch | New Zealand | 28 October 2010

AgResearch's InTouch magazine features Gimono's fabric development. 

"We have been fortunate to experience first-hand what it means to work with world-class scientists who pursue their work with discipline and passion. Their commitment, expertise and connections were vital during technology and specification development, quality control auditing and they introduced us to a world-class manufacturer capable of meeting our very stringent requirements."

"I would like to thank our colleagues at AgResearch, in particular Dr Surinder Tandon, who led the team we worked with to develop our Fortitude fabric. Our four year collaboration with AgResearch has resulted in us developing a world-first performance textile that is everything we wanted it to be, and more."

Lavinia Calvert, co-founder, Gimono® and Fortitude® Textiles

"The Fortitude fabric featured in the AgResearch Runway Show at New Zealand Fashion Week 2010 in September. Top designers Alexandra Owen, Michelle Yvette and NYNE all chose to create stunning fashion looks out of the revolutionary new fabric - a fabric that has proven its versatility from fightwear to fashion."

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